“I used to think freedom meant doing whatever you want. It means knowing who you are, what you are supposed to be doing on this Earth, and then simply doing it.” Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones

IMG_4129A Soul is Born to Earth…for a human experience. This the foundation of SoulBEarth. A community exploring what it means to be alive as a human for a short time. Seeing clearly what comes to the surface when we whole-heartedly dive into our shared purposes as humans and what matters in our individual day-to-day life. We fill up every second of our lives with doing, acquiring, distracting, trying to be something better, that there’s no space for what matters most. And what does matter? We have to create space in our lives to question what is even worth pursuing and then create the space to actually do it. That’s what the SoulBEarth logo represents, Create Space.

So, how would you finish the sentence, “A Soul is Born to Earth…”? This is one way to reflect on our shared human purposes. Why are we even here as a species?

Or to dive in on a personal level, how would you finish, “My Soul was Born to Earth…”? What are you here to be, to do? What’s coming through you that only you can give and that must be shared with the world? At the end of your life, what do you think will have mattered? Being mindful of your mortality is necessary for living a meaningful life.

I’ve been daily journaling about what’s coming to me as I finish those sentences, with new insights surfacing each day. I’ve also been tossing the topic to friends on their birthdays, since this tends to be a time when people reflect more on life. The responses are as varied as the individuals, some light and funny, some deep and poignant, but all illuminating a world that is both the same and vastly different for us all.

The SoulBEarth blog will go deeper into some of the answers surfacing for us. I see them as lessons coming through me that I most need to learn – taking them to heart then sending them out to the universe via cyberspace trusting the words will be heard by someone else who needs them too. The intention is never to tell you what you “should” do, think, feel, or how to live your life. Simply absorb what resonates with you and let the rest bounce off for someone else to catch. The intention is for us to see our connection, common dreams, feelings, fears and joys. I’m not claiming to know the answers, because there’s no right or wrong here. I’m just exploring with you and opening a space for learning from each other.