“A weed is but an unloved flower”. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

ground lying weeds nature lesson trustYes, I’ll admit. I spray the weeds in my yard with weed killer. I’m not talking the eco-friendly, organic, all natural, clover oil weed spray. I use Weed-B-Gone. Because as the name aptly describes, I want them GONE. Believe me, I’m not proud of this. I tried. Oh, how I tried when we first built our home, eight years ago, and put river rock all around the foundation and in a giant front yard berm. For the first spring and summer, I simply picked the weeds and used an eco-friendly weed killer, which semi-worked. I was picking weeds daily. Even for the second weed season, I tried to stay on top of the picking. But…then came the ground lying weeds. You know, those ones that stick to the rocks and you scrape all the skin off your fingertips to find the root. The weeds eventually wore me down and I realized this is not how I want to be spending my time or energy – frustrated, defeated, hot, and thinking way too much about weeds.

Which got me thinking…why is it that weeds are only considered a nuisance if growing in a place we don’t want them to grow? Isn’t location really the only thing that turns a weed into an annoying weed? There are weeds on the side of the road that I absolutely love (because they’re at a safe distance from my yard). And since they’re in a location I’ve deemed acceptable, I could go so far as to change the name of them to something prettier like, wildflowers. In summer we get the beautiful colors of purple, pink, yellow and white. And the late summer sunflowers blooming now, I could look at them all day long. Nature at it’s best. So while weeds and I have a love/hate relationship, I’m digging deep to find the lesson in all this as I’m spraying the weeds in my berm and feeling pretty guilty about it.

So I take a deep breath to create a little space between the negative thoughts and make room for the positive energy to enter. I think the lesson in this is to show me how quickly the mind can spin out of control over something as trivial as weeds. To teach me that nothing can trigger me unless I let it. Our negative emotions are never about the situation but about our thoughts around the situation which trigger the emotions. The weeds are neutral. They simply exist. They’re not trying to ruin or brighten my day. Sure they may appear annoying on the surface of my yard, but when I look a little deeper at the root, can I see the blessing of their existence? The weeds are getting me outside more to enjoy my yard and the foliage around the weeds. I look at all the space where there are no weeds, which is far greater than the space with weeds, and I give thanks. I’m reminded how blessed I am to have a big, beautiful yard where I can spend time and my son can play safely. Through this positive lens, those weeds aren’t looking so negative. My blood pressure is lowering and I can see clearly the blessings surrounding these little annoyances.

If it seems like an annoying weed has popped through the surface of your life, right in your front yard, before spraying it with weed killer and hoping it’ll go away quickly, pause for a moment. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and see if you can look a little deeper for the messages it’s sending you. What is it triggering within you and why? Trust it is there to teach you and to bless you, because it is. Everything in your life is, if you can change your lens to see the blessing.

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