What Others Think

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” Lao Tzu

let go what others thinkI’m starting out with a biggie. If we’re going to practice letting go of stuff that doesn’t matter, why not start with some big ones? Really lighten our load. Plus, letting go of what others think is what this blog is all about for me. Not being afraid to show who I really am and express the things I think about all day long. As I say in my bio, I’ve had this idea for a long time, but just now gathered the courage to express it. Well, the truth is, I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter if anyone reads this or not, I absolutely have to get it out. I have to be myself. I have a deep need to express for the sake of expressing – for my own health and well-being, or risk shutting down completely, which wouldn’t benefit anyone. Know the feeling?

Arriving at this point has been a long process. I could even say that authentically expressing myself is one of my life lessons. Something I came here to heal. Here’s what finally clicked for me:

  1. I deeply trust a Divine Creator that has a grander perspective than I do. I am of sound and sane mind (mostly) and if I have been given an idea to express, I trust it’s there for a reason and must come out. The dreams and hopes we’ve been given are not random. They are meant to be shared with the world.
  2. If someone figured out that the Earth is spinning around the sun, I can do this. If someone invented the train, surely I can do this. If someone walked on the moon (still up for debate, I know), I can do this. You get the idea.
  3. I want to express my truth for all those who are in situations where they’re being oppressed. I’m specifically thinking these days about the Syrians. They are just trying to survive another day, another hour. I’ve been blessed to have all my basic needs taken care of, and my government isn’t trying to kill me, so I have the privilege to think bigger for my life. Some are not so fortunate. I do this for them.
  4. And this is the big realization. I trust the people who resonate with these words will be drawn to them and those who don’t will drift away, not even glancing back. That’s how it is with everything, especially in this time of existence where there is SO much information to filter through. People don’t have time, nor do they care, to read stuff that doesn’t interest or benefit them. So what is there to fret? Like attracts like, right? The people who like this will listen. The people who don’t will not care at all. So I set them free to be who they are, and set myself free to be me. Now that feels good.

Every time I catch myself spinning about what other people think of me or tossing around an imaginary conversation with so-and-so, I pause to take a few deep breaths, creating enough space to then ask the question, will this matter in the end? Will it matter if so-and-so doesn’t like me? What is it I’ll be thinking about in the end as having mattered at all? Probably very little.

So the next time you catch your mind spinning about a situation, pause to take a few deep breaths and create some quiet space, then ask that question, will this matter in the end? Will it even matter three days from now? If the answer is no, do your best to let it go. Thinking about the end of life is not meant to be depressing or stressful. It’s meant to be liberating, motivating, and can set you free to live fully and be who you really are.

On that note, what is it within you that you must express in order to feel alive? In the words of Buckmister Fuller, “What can I do that isn’t going to get done unless I do it, just because of who I am?” That’s what this blog is for me right now. My hope for you is that you can find whatever that is within you and get it out because it must come out. The world needs it to come out. No matter what anyone else thinks, remember that like attracts like and the support you need is already being drawn to you. The practice is letting go of all the things that don’t matter, so we can create space for the things that do.

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