Just One Long Deep Breath

“Peace is found on this breath.” Josh Baran, Author of The Tao of Now

As I carry a baby around inside this body, I’ve been met with the challenge of being winded much more often than usual. Finding it hard at times to catch my breath, or take a deep breath, can be a very uneasy feeling. The blessing I’ve found in these breathless moments is that I’m being reminded more often than ever to slow down and consciously take deeper breaths. It is forcing me to pay attention to my body, its needs and its wisdom. It’s making me more aware of the importance of taking care of myself while caring for the needs of my family.

Simultaneously, as I prepare for another baby, some fear and insecurity is also rising to the surface, causing me to question my abilities as a mother and nurturer. I find my thoughts more often wandering in future worry and past failings. This is where I find the breath to be my greatest ally as I remind myself in these moments of toiling that even one, conscious deep breath can create a little space between these thoughts and bring me back to the present reality, which is always perfect and whole. I then have some space to reaffirm my Truth, which is, I am a fantastic mother and everything I need to know in any given moment is revealed to me. Life is smooth, simple, easy and Divinely timed.

So as I continue the daily practice of slowing down and breathing deep to live fully in the present, I thought it would be a good chance to repost about the yogic practice of Long Deep Breathing.

Here’s a link to that post with written and video instructions: Long Deep Breathing

The jist of it is, on the inhale take the breath all the way down into the belly first, allowing it to relax and expand. On the exhale, pull the belly back toward the spine to release all the air from the lungs. Repeat slowly and gently.

I hope you enjoy this practice and that it can be a lifelong tool for you, as it is for me, to come back to your natural state of peace, harmony and joy, as often as you need. Sat Nam, friends.

“By practicing mindful breathing, we bring the elements of harmony and peace into our body.” Thich Nhat Hahn

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