Oh Baby, Here We Go

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” C.S. Lewis

 As I prepare for the arrival of Baby Cockerill #2 in less than a month, knowing that the coming months will be filled with precious baby snuggles, family transitions, healing and rest, I’m going to be realistic about my priorities and what I’m capable of doing in a 24 hour period. Also knowing how brief and special this time in life is with a new baby, I have to set some boundaries around family, and let this be my last post until I feel it’s the right time to open up space for it again.

Talking with a friend one day, I used this analogy about how life feels after having a baby.

Imagine looking at your desk, or whatever space you use to keep your life organized and flowing. You’ve got your computer, calendar, pens, books, papers, etc. All these things represent the pieces of your life and the roles you play. Now in one giant sweep across the desk, knock everything to the floor. I mean everything crashes down and the desk is now completely empty. Next, place your new baby on the desk. Then slowly pick up the most important thing on the floor and place it back on the desk next to the baby. Maybe that object represents your other children or spouse. Next, pick one more thing up and see where it fits best on the  desk – cooking for your family, taking care of the house, going back to work, time for yourself, etc. Keep picking up the pieces until you feel you’ve picked up all the pieces you want back in your life.

Then my friend added, “Yeah, and then the baby knocks some stuff off and you have to start all over again.” So true. We just keep rearranging, prioritizing and balancing the best we can with the knowledge and resources we have in each moment. Flowing up and down with life’s unpredictability.

So, once I’m able to pick up this blog and set it back on my desk, I will do so eagerly. After I’ve first returned to the desk my family, friends, home responsibilities, self-care, and sanity, I will continue to write and express creatively in the ways that are fulfilling to my heart. 

I’m not sure how long it will take to pick this back up or how it will look when I do. In the meantime, I will continue to take deep breaths as often as I can remember, trust that everything is Divine timing, and try my best to keep letting go of the things that don’t really matter in life. 

I’m grateful for you sharing this space with me and I wish you the best wherever you are in your journey. Until next time….Sat Nam friends. 

3 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Here We Go

  1. Best wishes for your upcoming birthing day! I loved reading this and hadn’t thought about it like that before! So aptly put! Thank you for helping me realize that my “desk” will eventually recollect all of its tools and life’s clutter in due time after my upcoming birthing.

    • Thanks Jennifer! When Collin was born I would say to myself, “if you do nothing but love this baby today, it’s enough.” That really helped me get through the early days. Enjoy the special time with your new little one. Can’t wait to see her pics! Best to you.

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