SoulBEarth has been Revived!

Hi there friends. I have rescued and revived SoulBEarth from the cyber space hole it fell into and refocused it with a simplified message. It’s been a while since I’ve felt inspired to pick this back up and put it on my desk, as a throw back to my last post before my baby girl, Lydia, was born. (The picture is her in all her bubble cuteness.) And in case you forgot who even writes this blog, which I would totally understand, here’s a reminder.

As I have inwardly changed with the passing of a year and a half, so has the message of this blog. I’m no longer dancing around what I really want to talk about and explore with you: What on Earth are we doing here? What are we meant to be, to do with this precious human life?

To help us get to the root of those answers, the blog will focus on how we finish two sentences: “A Soul is Born to Earth…” and “My Soul was Born to Earth…” The first focuses on our shared purposes as a humanity and the second on the meaning of our individual lives. I’ve been daily journaling about what’s coming up for me when I think about these words. I’ve also been throwing it out to friends on their birthdays to see what comes up for them. It’s been inspiring and amusing. So I’ll share on the blog some of these answers, anonymously, as well as my own insights. I’d love to hear what’s surfacing for you too.

I encourage you to read the full SoulBEarth intention to see if you’re still interested, as well as the meaning behind the SoulBEarth logo, which gives further clarity as to why this blog exists.

So if you’re still onboard, are you ready? Here we go.

My Soul was Born to Earth…to realize it’s not about perfection. Just create to co-create with The Creator. Trust that what’s coming through you must come out. Let go of the results. Those who are meant to be connected to you will be attracted to what you’re creating. The rest doesn’t matter.

What’s coming up for you?

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