Taking a walk
I saw
a wildflower.
Not knowing its name
I saw
its beauty only.
—Ok-Koo Kang Grosjean

A Soul is Born to Earth…to notice wildflowers. Have you seen these beautiful wild creations lately? Growing, growing all year. Blending in with the background on the side of the road, undetected, basically invisible as we speed past, hurrying through life, lost in our thoughts. Until one day…boom. They’re in full bloom, saying, “Hello there friends. Do you see me? I’m not here for long…and neither are you. Slow down a little. Take a deep breath. Since you were blessed with the gift of sight, please notice the little miracles all around you today.”

These weeds are one of nature’s simple reminders to trust that Life is bringing us everything we need at the perfect time, in the perfect way. And everything, everyone blooms at the exact right moment. What little miracles was your Soul born to Earth to notice today?

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