As if you were to live forever…

img_6965A Soul is Born to Earth…to learn and explore.

What’s one thing you’ve been wanting to know? It doesn’t have to be big like playing the guitar or speaking French fluently (both of which are on my “someday” list). What’s a question you could google just for fun? Not to be a “know-it-all”, but simply to know about this amazing, mysterious world you were born into.

Even better, what could you learn about someone else? Not on Facebook but face-to-face. Call your grandma and ask her about her favorite childhood memory or set a date to learn how to make her famous peach pie from scratch. What’s your neighbors favorite song and why? I’ve started to ask people at social gatherings not what they do for a living, but what are they interested in doing? Do they have hobbies? Watch how someone lights up when they get to talk about a passion.

Or we could go a little deeper and research the core values of Islam, or the reasons why Denmark is said to be one of the happiest places on Earth. The more we can know about each other, our differences and our surprising similarities, the less fear there will be in the world. And all hate stems from fear. All war from hate.

Or keep the mood light…lookup the monarch butterfly migration going on right now. Then go outside, especially if you’re here in Nebraska, and find one. Or sit and watch an educational kids program with your kids like Little Einsteins or Wild Kratts. As I hear them in the background daily I think, “huh, I didn’t know that!”

When I was a kid I had a notebook full of questions. The only one I remember writing is, “where do clouds come from?” When does this kind of curiosity stop? Let’s not let it. You know, I still don’t know the answer to that cloud question, so I better get to it. I’ve got a lot of learning to do.

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