We are Raindrops on a Window

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

A Soul is Born to Earth…as a human, not knowing how or when we will leave this Earth. The mass shooting yesterday illuminates many dark spots in our humanity. After the disbelief sinks in as reality, we wonder, how did this happen? Where do we go from here? I say first, go inward. Life guarantees us nothing. Not even our next breath. What are you doing here that actually matters?

img_6857My Soul was Born to Earth…to be a Divine instrument for positive change. How about you? How would you finish that sentence today? This may be your last day. We are raindrops on a window. Here now, but from our first breath we are evaporating back into the ethers. We could slide down the window or be wiped away before our natural time. This not knowing can be stifling or it can be liberating. Let it free your Soul to do what matters, now.

I found this poem yesterday and read it at the end of my Kundalini yoga class as a blessing and prayer for us ALL. You. Me. The Souls of the victims. The Soul of the shooter. The Souls closest to them that are aching. For really, we are all the same Soul aching together.

“Peace Be With You” by Danna Faulds.

Peace be with you even in
uncertainty and change.
The peace that enters with
each breath also descends
from all directions.

The east brings hope,
the west opens up the door
for dreams. The north and
south will reveal their secrets
in due time.

The mountains and the
solid ground beneath your feet
both offer peace.

The whispered voice of the truth
refuses to believe in any
reality that isn’t rooted in
peace of mind and heart.

Peace be with you, in doing
and in rest, now and always,

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