More Nothing

“There’s nothing to do, nothing to be, and nothing to become. There’s nowhere to go and no experience to have.” Adyashanti in The Impact of Awakening

img_8096Have you ever thought, It’s all just too much? Too many to-dos, too many choices, too many meaningless things we think we need to keep up with. Too much and yet never enough. Believing these thoughts, it’s no wonder we are a society so overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. But what ever really has to be done? Where exactly do we think we’re going?

In the past few weeks, more and more space has naturally been opening in my life with no planning on my part. My kids are finally sleeping more soundly and longer (hallelujah). We cancelled our tv provider, which I never thought my husband would do. And one day on a whim I decided to cut back on about 95% of social media. This all happened quite suddenly, yet not forced and without struggle. Sure, there was some mild anxiety as I turned off the satellite receiver for the last time. And a bit of irritation as I reached for my phone quite a bit during the first few days of less Facebook, but those feelings quickly transformed into relief as I noticed how much I don’t miss any of it.

So, all this space has been created for what? The answer that keeps coming to me is: Nothing. More nothing. Being. Resting in Being. We’ve been conditioned to fill up every moment with doing, going, getting more, more, more. As Adyashanti has said, this self-improvement program we’ve been sold is a reflection of ignorance, the blind leading the blind. It’s all just thoughts and there’s no such thing as a true thought. The truth of our being is wide open empty space. There’s nothing we have to do, nowhere we must go, and no one better to be to realize who we already are…nothing. Realize that and you have everything.

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