Why Not?

“The invitation is simple: Let go of indulging in the mind, realize it doesn’t have the answers for you, and it doesn’t have the answers for us collectively. Together we can begin to stop the insanity within ourselves and amongst each other.” Adyashanti in Falling Into Grace

SoulBEarth flowers why not awaken earth awakening

The universe is so astounding. Every time I’m in awe of the brilliance of nature and I internally ask, Why?, the answer that always comes back is, Why not?

Why red wings on that black bird? Why the rolly polly? Why all the beautiful varieties of flowers? Why have planets and stars and the moon? Why did dinosaurs exist? Why write this blog?

Why not, Creation answers. Does it really matter? Just enjoy.

It goes the other way too. When I’m astounded by the disgusting parts of life. Why do kids get cancer? Why are we killing the Earth? Why are we killing each other over money, skin color, sexual orientation?

The point is, asking why is pointless. The mind knows nothing about the inner workings of reality. Everything is arising spontaneously. There is no predestination. Anything could happen at any time. That’s the mystery of it all. There are a million theories, but in the end, no one knows. It’s scary and it’s awesome. Either let go into the mystery or suffer through it. What do you choose?

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