Thinking Simply Happens

“Thinking simply happens. It happens whether you want it to or not. As you start to see this process, it can be quite a shock that your mind just thinks on its own, and it stops on its own. If you stop trying to control your mind, you begin to notice that thought occurs in a very vast space. This is an extraordinary discovery, because it begins to show us that there is something present that is other than thought, and that we aren’t just the next thought we have in our minds.” Adyashanti in Falling Into Grace

img_9206I sit here at the kitchen table in silence, drinking coffee before anyone else wakes up. Listening. Cars on the interstate outside. Train whistle. Air conditioner. The mind. Spinning. Spinning. Thinking. Singing. On and on and on…

The imaginary “me” of the mind is on a roller coaster – up, down, looping, swaying, excited and terrified. The True Self is sitting on a bench watching the roller coaster. And even deeper, the Ultimate truth of who we are is not the watcher or the world being watched, but that which encompasses it ALL. The form and formless as one. The creator of everything, including thought and the space from which thought arises. We are everything and nothing. We do no-thing. We think no-thing. We are no-thing. It’s all just happening.

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