What feels like the next right thing?

“There is only life living itself, life seeing itself, life hearing itself, life meeting itself as each moment.” Adyashanti in My Secret is Silence

If you don’t follow Liz Lamoreux, please do. She writes about what she calls The And Space…“This is a place where we hold beauty in one hand and the grit in the other.” She recently wrote about using the mantra “just do the next right thing” when it comes to all the things we think we need to do in a day, in life. You can relate, right?

But since this imaginary person that you think you are isn’t really the one doing all the doings, the mind doesn’t know how to best guide “you”. It’s full of all the conditioned responses of what you think you “should” do – given by society, your parents, your friends. Basically, the blind leading the blind.

What if, instead of looking to the mind for the answers, you connected with what feels like the next right move? Since this is the only moment that ever exists, take the past and future out of the equation. This means everything you’ve ever been told to do and everything you hope to do. Be still for a moment. Maybe take a deep breath. Listen. You know what feels right. Do that now.

SoulBEarth pumpkin coffee awakening awaken stay awake life

A little Divine inspiration from my pumpkin coffee this morning. Life is always guiding us to Truth. Pay attention.

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