There Is No Time But Now

“Take a moment and imagine that there is no time. Take a moment to just let go of tomorrow. What if letting go of suffering wasn’t possible tomorrow – that today, even right now, was all you had, and you had nothing else but today? All of a sudden, you would look at your existence through completely different eyes. See if you can feel what it is to exist only now. See what it’s like to completely take tomorrow, and yesterday, out of the picture.” Adyashanti in Falling Into Grace

SoulBEarth moon sky clouds awaken awakening timeThere’s never enough time.

I’m running out of time.

I wish I had more time.

I wish I could make time stop.

Lately I’ve been swept up in an imaginary sense of urgency that at times turns into anxiety and a little panic as I think about the future. Fear wells up over possible scenarios of what may or may not happen, most likely not. Know the feeling?

This worry about a future that doesn’t exist is a complete waste of time. I know that. And with experience and practice I’ve learned to believe the illusion of fear less and less. We’re born with two fears for survival: falling and loud noises. The rest are learned, made up in our minds. Even with the survival fears, we don’t go around worried that at every turn we’ll fall or hear a loud noise. That would be insane. But really that’s exactly the same as worrying about anything happening in an imagined future. Insane.

There is no future to worry about. There is no past to regret. There is only Now! The rest is an illusion of the mind. Even thinking time exists, in any form, is imaginary. Time is limited. Time is infinite. Both relative perspectives. Both just thoughts. Both untrue.

Take a quiet deep breath and step into the truth of no time but Now. How does that feel?

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