Yes. Yes. Yes.

“When we say a simple and sincere YES to life, yes to death, yes tho the ego’s own dissolving, we don’t have to struggle anymore. It becomes a new way of navigating through life. Flow is what navigates us through life – not concepts, not ideas, not what we should or shouldn’t do, not what’s right or wrong. Overtime, what we come to see is that flow is always amazing.” Adyashanti

img_9359I’m not sure how many times I’ve adamantly said, “I will never…” or “I will always…” only to find myself doing that thing or stopping what I thought was the best way to live life. Especially when it comes to kids. (Can I get an eye roll, please?) Are they not the ultimate humbling teachers on letting go of expectations and going with the flow of the unexpected?

On the flip side of worrying about a nonexistent future, is hoping, dreaming and planning for the same imaginary illusion of some time ahead in the distance. I’m not saying throw out your calendar and burn your to-do list. I’d certainly panic if that occurred. But, can we maybe for even just a minute, try to let go of our attachment to the thoughts of how things “should” be or what we think is best for us, our kids, our partner, our job….and just accept how it’s all unfolding right now? And right now…and right now. Admitting that we really don’t know what’s best for the imaginary future. That we’re really not in control, at all. Not one little bit. How can the made up dream of “you” direct the flow of life?

How would it feel to take the hands off the wheel, that you’re not really steering anyway, take a deep breath and say, Yes. Whatever is unfolding now, Yes. Letting go of false, self-imposed expectations, guilt, assumptions, pressure, anxiety, and just opening your arms, closing your eyes and free falling into Grace. Being taken into the flow. Because as Adyashanti says, “[Flow] directs our existence in ways that are healing and loving, and it brings things together in ways we couldn’t imagine.”

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