The Ultimate Spiritual Practice

Throughout the five years that I taught Kundalini Yoga, there was something within telling me, it’s simpler than this. What I connected with the most was the rise and fall of the breath in still or slow movement postures and silent meditations. Turns out the inklings were correct. Stillness will teach you more in five minutes than many other practices will in five years…if you listen.

And as the mind spins, worries, plans, escapes, projects and toils, that still small voice within, intuitive guidance, all knowing Grace, is always whispering, it’s simpler than this. Be still, listen, feel the Truth of who you are. It already knows.

In the past, I prided myself on being able to easily let go of material possessions. My mother is a hoarder of sorts and collects many things. But I just realized I’ve been a collector of words. I have books and quotes in every room of my house. I’ve thinned them out considerably lately but it’s no different. Words are not the Truth. There’s nothing I could say here that’s ultimately true. There is nothing words can say that silence doesn’t already know. And silent presence is who we truly are. Just be still and listen. The Truth will be clear.

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