Just Life Moving

“Life without a reason, a purpose, a position…the mind is frightened of this because then “my life” is over with, and life lives itself and moves from itself in a totally different dimension. This way of living is just life moving. That’s all.” Adyashanti in The Only Price

SoulBEarth clouds awaken awakening truthHumans are the ones who made up purpose, destiny, fate. We want so badly to grab onto something that will make sense of the world.

There’s a reason for everything.

It was destiny.

It must be fate.

These are just concepts in the mind. No more true than monsters in your closet.

The truth that everything is spontaneously arising in the world scares the mind. Literally anything could happen – all the things we label good and all those bad things too. And that doesn’t fit into the nice, neat box shaped plan we had for “my” life or how we think the world should be.

Life is just moving through a body and mind called “you”. There is no plan, purpose or reason. The mind can grab onto that concept and toil and struggle and say “that’s unfair”. Or it can let it go, just like all other beliefs. There’s no need to struggle with this. It can be the most liberating truth if you just let it be…

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