I’m nothing. Who are you?

“As a spiritual teacher, my job is to express something that can’t be expressed. My job is to fail well.” Adyashanti in My Secret is Silence

SoulBEarth spiral awakening awaken I’m not claiming to know anything.

My mind has worn out the thought, Who am I to be saying these words, talking about the true nature of reality?

Truth is, I’m no one. Nothing. All these words are untrue, as all words ultimately are. The only intention behind them is to be pointers to the real truth, which is a wordless, nameless mystery that can never be known or expressed by the mind. So, why not write about it?

Perhaps Ultimate Reality will express words through this mind/body/heart combination we call Veronica, who isn’t actually the wise one or the wisdom itself, but just another avenue for which the wisdom can flow. And perhaps through this expression, Truth will awaken within some other mind/body/heart combination we’ve agreed to call someone else. I don’t know.

There’s no one to “wake up” or to be enlightened since the I personality is completely made up. It’s only Truth, Ultimate Reality, Spirit, Divine Being, whatever you choose to label it, waking up to itself. First, it wakes up from the world of form, the illusion of “me”. Then it embodies form. Using it to continue the awakening, I suppose, like a spiral, self-perpetuating itself into infinity….

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