Every Path Leads You Back To Where You Are

“Go to the unknown, experience the unknown, be the unknown. All true knowledge awakens within the unknown.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

moana-2016-1We’re big Moana fans in this house. There’s a line in one of the songs that says, “Every path leads you back to where you are.” If I admitted how much time I’ve spent analyzing the metaphors for life in Moana, I’d be a bit embarrassed. But this one has stuck with me the most.

The reason every path leads you back to where you are, this moment right here, is because there is no path. When you look back there’s the appearance of a path, which fades quickly like the wake of a boat in the ocean. When you look ahead there’s nothing but wide open empty space. And that scares the shit out of people. We want a path. We want to know where we’re going. We want to feel secure in knowing there’s a plan, a place to go, a way, a reason. But that’s an illusion the mind made up to feel safe and secure. It doesn’t want to admit it’s alone in the ocean with no map, no paddle, no clue and nowhere to go. So we just keep searching for a nonexistent path. Going crazy.

Some will struggle their whole lives to get somewhere, to be someone, to find who they think they are in the world of form. But struggle is entirely optional. Life is so much easier if we just let go into the unknown, admit that we know nothing about who we are or where we’re going, and let the ocean current of life direct the flow, which it’s already doing anyway. Then come storm or calm waters, we know that we’re always just fine and exactly in the right place at the right time, right here, now. Accepting the unknown, letting go into the mystery is really the only sane place to be on the open ocean.

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