Who are you when you are not thinking yourself into existence?

“You start to see that when you are not thinking yourself into existence, who you have taken yourself to be literally isn’t there anymore. If this “you” can disappear like that and reappear as soon as you think it into existence, how real is it?” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

SoulBearth Byron Katie thoughts awaken awakening truthWhen we’re born into human bodies we’re given a name and a story to go along with it – these are your parents, this is your family, this is our history, this is how we behave, this is how we do things around here, this is what is expected. We believe this story as children because we don’t even know to question it. We need the people around us to survive, so we go along with what they say. As we grow into adulthood, the beliefs we’ve been taught are so deeply embedded into our human brain that we often think what we’ve been taught is just the way things are and the way it’ll always be. But in truth, your thoughts about the story called “you” are the only things holding the story together. You could have been given any story at birth and you would have believed it. You can legally change your name at any time. So, why can’t the story change too? Is it really so solid?

I often think of people who have lost their memory due to amnesia, fugue or some other condition. Their whole life in thought, gone. If no one else were around to remember past events for them, would they even exist? You hear stories of them doing things they never thought they could do. Now that past conditioning is gone, nothing is holding them back. So what’s holding you back? A flimsy, untrue thought that you believe but can disappear into thin air…if you just let go of your tight grip on it.

Does such a condition sound scary, sad, or freeing? We certainly don’t want to forget the names of our children or our mother’s birthday, but what about all the things we’ve been told we “should” do, or shouldn’t, or need to, or even want to do? Who is it that said those things in the first place? Who really cares? Your thoughts around anything is the only thing keeping it alive. And those thoughts aren’t even true! They aren’t even the real you!

“The true I am is so unbelievably empty. It’s so free of everything you thought you were. It has no limitation. It has no definition. Any definition would be a disservice to what you are. All that’s left is consciousness, and it’s not even that because that’s just a word.” Adyashanti

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