Worry Does Nothing

“When you are no longer preoccupied with past and future, then you can actually see this moment. And you see how intelligently this moment is speaking to you, how direct its guidance is in this moment. All of that is very difficult to see when our concern is in past and future.” Adyashanti

img_6402“You have to worry about some things.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Well, I can’t just decide not to go to work tomorrow.”

“That’s not what I’m saying.”

Silence falls. After a rather tense conversation, it became apparent that we were on two different planets with no clear way to bridge the gap. At that point, I always feel silence is best when emotions are high. Plus, I’ve always been better at writing than speaking on the fly.

What I meant was, we think worry is doing, but worry does nothing. You can do anything, but you don’t have to worry about it. Yes, anything could happen but it’s not necessary to worry about the perils of an imagined future that may or may not come about. When your child is sick, you can let the mind spin and spin about all the scenarios that could play out: “They’ll miss so much school! I’ll miss work! We’ll all fall behind! That cough sounds terrible! Maybe it’s pneumonia! What if we have to go to the hospital! This is going to cost so much! What if he dies!” But is all this spinning healing your child? I’m not saying do nothing. Just do what feels right in the current moment. Not letting worry dictate actions, but stillness. Your true self is always guiding life in the moment. Take a deep breath, a step back. What feels right, now? Getting medicine? Calling the doctor? Going to the ER? Rubbing her back? Just being there? Stillness. Action. Stillness. Action. Stillness in the action. You’re whole life is only right now.

This body/mind combination called You could perish today. Then what has all the worry done? What have you really spent this life doing? Nothing. Just anxious about a nonexistent future and depressed about a past that is gone. Is that the way you want to live? Thoughts generated in the mind are not who you are. Why let them run the show?

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