Why One Teacher?

“I am here to take away your illusions – your illusions of control, of freedom, of self. You think you have control but you don’t. You think you have freedom, but you don’t. You think you have a self, but you don’t.” Adyashanti in My Secret is Silence

img_0163As a follow up to my last post, This Is It, if you consider yourself to be a spiritual seeker, or anything really other than eternal emptiness out of which everything arises (that is even a gross understatement) I encourage you to read anything by Adyashanti. Start with Falling Into Grace or go to his website teachings.

His teachings aren’t meant to add more concepts and beliefs to who you think you are or to give you a new spiritual identity to claim. He’s not trying to give you anything or tell you what he thinks you should do, but to strip away all illusion.

Rather than spirituality being a construction project, adding more or different concepts and beliefs about who you are and what life is about, he refers to it as a deconstruction process that tears down every idea of who you think you are – because anything the mind comes up with is false. In The Way of Liberation, which you can download for free on his website, his teaching boils down to:

Be Still
Question every thought
Contemplate the Source of Reality

The Source of Reality is speaking through him in a way that is clear and compassionate. That’s why I’ve started focusing on one teacher to point to the Truth. Many others are pointing to the same thing in different ways but when I was trying to listen to all of them, it was overwhelming and confusing.

Stillness and silence will teach you everything you need to know, or rather, un-know. And that’s what we’re most afraid of – admitting we really don’t know anything. We avoid the silence and Truth like a root canal because deep within we know it’ll change our perspective on everything by wiping out any perspective at all. And then, who would we be?

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