The Sacred in Every Expression of Life

“So let us understand that reality transcends all of our notions about reality. Reality is neither Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Advaita Vedanta, nor Buddhist. It is neither dualistic nor nondualistic, neither spiritual nor nonspiritual. We should come to know that there is more reality and sacredness in a blade of grass than in all of our thoughts and ideas about reality. When we perceive from an undivided consciousness, we will find the sacred in every expression of life. We will find it in our teacup, in the fall breeze, in the brushing of our teeth, in each and every moment of living and dying.” Adyashanti in An Inner Revolution

SoulBEarth Adyashanti sunset clouds awaken awakening TruthThere is not one moment of life more sacred than the next. It’s perhaps just easier to see and feel in a sunset versus a preschool child crying uncontrollably on the floor because his sister won’t stop looking at him (not that my kid ever does that). Yes, even that annoying phone call with your mother, that poop in your yard from someone else’s dog, that neighbor who killed your grass. Same as snuggling with your two year old, breathing in crisp Fall air, and the feeling of a much needed hot shower. All an equally sacred expression of Life. And the body/mind combination called “you” is part of that too. But the true You is that which encompasses it All.

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