There’s Nothing You Can Do To Awaken

“The truth is here in every single moment of your life. That’s the truth. It’s not separate from your life. You can’t run away from yourself and your life in order to awaken to reality. Your life is your path to awakening. Stop and open your eyes: You were free from the very beginning.” Adyashanti in A Total Commitment to Truth

There’s nothing you need to do to awaken. Actually there’s nothing you can do to speed up or slow down the process of unfolding Reality. The “me” is just a collection of familiar thoughts that has no control over anything. To think otherwise is dreaming, wishful thinking.

Like a flower blooming in its own time, you could shout at the flower, “Bloom already!”, but will that command it to open? You can’t force the petals open without damaging the flower and perhaps stunting the flowering process. All you can do is wait. Watch. Water. Wait. Maybe it blooms. Maybe it doesn’t. It’s not for you to decide.

Trust the experience of Life happening right now, the only moment that exists. It’s the only way enlightenment will recognize itself and awaken naturally in human form.

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