The Toolbox Mind

“The brain and mind offer a toolbox with tools that are great for getting practical things done. But any thought outside of toolbox mind is a story that has no truth to it. There is no objective reality to it. Everything that is happening between the ears is not the truth; it’s just a story. What are you without your story?” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

Adyashanti open gate sangha life SoulBEarth Right now, the mind is helping the body type these words, drink coffee and breathe. All wonderful, essential operations for Life in this form. The brain truly is a magnificent creation. But even with all it’s amazing potential, the mind still knows nothing about the truth that these words are pointing toward, and never will. Trying to figure out the truth of Ultimate Reality with the mind is a complete waste of time.

The mind is a collector of experience, that knows only what it has seen, heard, smelled, tasted and touched through the senses. Then those experiences get filtered through past conditioning – what the mind already thinks it knows – which helps interpret what it has just brought in to process. This is useful for remembering how to drive a car, singing your favorite song, and teaching your kid how to ride a bike. But as far as perceiving Reality, it’s just not a function of the mind that can be programmed.

So the mind asks, “What can I do? How do I know?” There’s nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No one to be. You won’t ever know because really, there’s nothing to know. Go silently into the abyss of not knowing. Only there will everything be revealed.

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