Nothing has the Power to Make You Feel Anything

“No person or event has the power to make you happy or unhappy.” Adyashanti in My Secret is Silence

83cd6038-1303-421d-b7dc-85a0df2d576fIt’s a cold, drizzly, foggy day here in Waverly, Nebraska. And it’s just Tuesday. What image in the mind does that bring up for you? What feelings arise with that image?

Whatever the image brings to the surface is only a passing emotion, from an imaginary thought, being projected onto literally, nothing. “It’s just Tuesday” is a completely made up thought about a blip in infinity that we’ve all agreed to call Tuesday. And that thought, or false label, evokes different emotions within each being depending on how they view Tuesdays – dread, joy, indifference – which is determined by their past conditioning, a collection of untrue thoughts.

It’s the same with anything someone else could ever say to you or about who they think you are. Whether someone says, “I love you” or “I hate you”, they are not telling you anything about You, but about their view of life. You have no control over their view, words or actions. It’s not about you. Nothing is.

You may not be able to control thoughts or the feelings that follow, but you can see through them. They are transparent, and futile, with no intrinsic value except what is projected onto them, which is never the truth. This is why nothing is personal, except if you believe it to be so. But even that doesn’t make it Ultimately true. I’m not sure any of this makes sense…but I don’t think it has to.

“While you may not be able to choose the next thought that comes into your mind or the next feeling, you may not choose the next reaction you have, but you can choose how present you are, how aware you are.” Adyashanti


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