Thought Is The Garbage Can

“As long as you are trying to become, trying to get somewhere, trying to attain something, you are quite literally moving away from the Truth itself. In order to cease becoming, you must reject the path and the journey. You must reject time, which means the future, which means that tomorrow is never going to come. Enlightenment will never happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is becoming, and becoming is time, and time is thought. Thought is the garbage can. If you look into the garbage can, all you will get is garbage.” Adyashanti in The Impact of Awakening

SoulBEarth Byron Katie Adyashanti Awakening awaken truth future Sorry for the long quote. There was just no good place to cut it off. It all needed to be said. Or does anything really need to be said? Everything we need to know can be revealed only in silence – the great open empty space of who we really are – out of which all words flow, all creation manifests.

These words remind us that there is nothing to become and nowhere to go that will bring us any closer to who we actually are, since all becoming and journeying is part of the dream called “me”. There is no path, no past or future, outside of what the mind makes up. What you are exists only now in this moment, which is every moment. The only time to wake up is now!

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