What are you giving your life to?

“Everyone has the choice of what they give their life to. Maybe this choice has never been known before, or maybe this choice has never been made conscious. Now it is. What’s important to you? What are you going to give your soul to? I don’t care what choice you make, and God doesn’t care what choice you make. But you care, and you are the only one who counts.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

SoulBEarth Adyashanti awaken awakening truth embody These words capture the whole premise behind this blog. They’re found on the same two pages of Emptiness Dancing that I’ve been stuck on for about three weeks. They are powerful for awakening and not to be skimmed over lightly.

Read them again. Don’t analyze with the mind, but breathe them into the silence of who you really are. They are not speaking to the “you” that you think you are, so the mind will not understand. It’s Truth speaking directly to Truth – spirit to spirit, soul to soul, that which is already awake to itself. The true you. All of us.

Now that your choice has been made conscious, what are you giving your life to? Truth itself, or the next promise of a fleeting experience? It’s a moment-to-moment choice. I’m going to have to sit with that one a little longer too…

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