Are you moving from Unity or Separation?

“That’s when you know you’re moving from the unity. You’re moving from the sense that the world is okay. The world doesn’t need you or your message or anything you do, but you are just moving or being moved to do what you do.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

SoulBEarth Adyashanti Truth unity awakening awaken That’s how this blog feels. I’m not sure why I’m doing it. I know the world doesn’t need it. Everything would be okay without it. It’s just what I feel moved to do right now. It’s all I really feel like doing besides caring for my children. If it ever doesn’t feel right, I’ll quit.

It pays me nothing and I’m not sure anyone is really reading it. That’s not the motivation anyway. I’m not sure what the motivation is, if there is any. The words just show up from nowhere. It feels effortless. I just write them down and send them out with no worry or fear about why, what, when, where or who. None of that is up to me. Do it or don’t. There’s no pressure. It doesn’t really matter anyway. All that matters is moving from unity and love rather than separation and fear.

It feels so free and revitalizing. Like for the first time in this body and mind, I’m moving from unity. Do you know the feeling? That’s how every big and little move in life could feel when we wake up out of the dream called “me” and realize we’re not really running the show after all.

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