There Is Nothing To Oppose

“Never oppose anything or anyone. Instead, choose to express and manifest what is true for you.” Adyashanti in My Secret is Silence

Can you just let others be who they think they are? Not what or who you think they are. Not who you want them to be. Not what you expect them to be. Just accepting them exactly as they are now. All ideas other than what is presented Now, are completely false. Nothing you do or say will change what is showing up Now. Stop trying to change anything or anyone, even yourself. It’s futile.

This doesn’t mean do nothing, even though the “me” that you think you are isn’t actually doing anything. It means everything is being done. The personal will is a total illusion. The imagined self has absolutely no control. That means you can try and try and talk and talk, but no one and no thing is changing at your will. The only sane option is to relax, surrender, flow with Life, because the flow is always amazing and it brings things together in ways we couldn’t imagine.

The flow may mean action. The flow may mean rest. And it will look different in every expression of life, so never compare to your neighbor. Listen. Where is the flow guiding you now? And now? And now? Not what the mind thinks you should do. But what feels right? Listen, relax, accept, flow. That is freedom.

SoulBEarth Adyashanti awaken awakening Truth Life flow acceptance accept

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