Vote and Love

“I think it’s a great spiritual practice to turn on the TV and listen to the guy you hate most, the one who triggers you most. When you can see God there, you’re getting it. If you have to turn off the TV every time you see the person, and he sends you into skyrocketing anger, you have a lot of waking up to do.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

I choose to not turn on the TV at all. I simply cannot bring in the nonsense anymore. I stay informed in other ways, but I’m not bombarded by political games at every click. Perhaps I have a lot of waking up to do too.

I can see and feel that everything is a manifestation of the One, which is always whole and complete, even wannabe dictators. It’s still hard to watch.

Other than voting today, the only thing that feels right to do from Unity is send Love to our leaders, send Love to all voters, send Love to you. What feels right for you to do from Unity?

Hate will only fuel more hate. Love is the only choice we have to soften hearts, awaken minds and save the world.

SoulBEarth Adyashanti Love vote awaken awakening Truth

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