Truth and Love

“The falling away of self redefines one’s experience of love in a profound way. Beyond self, Love and Truth are one; they are indistinct.” Adyashanti Experiencing No-Self Online Course

SoulBEarth Adyashanti Love Truth awaken awakening heart What matters?

That question is a central tenant of this blog. From my limited view, a lot of different things have seemed to make sense: health, connection, presence, learning, creating, all the feel good things.

I’m not saying those things don’t matter from a relative perspective, but what matters overall from the perspective of Absolute Reality?

It became clear in a moment of stillness.

Realizing the Truth of our Being, then Being that Truth in Love. Truth and Love. Turns out those are the same. Expressing the Truth and Love that we already are, in this human form. That’s it. Don’t worry about or analyze how that is being expressed. Just be It. Actually, you already are It. In every moment.

“Love is an important aspect of Truth. Without love, there is no Truth. Without Truth, there is no Love.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

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