What The Winter Can Reveal If You Allow It

“During the wintertime there’s often a very heightened sense of the sacred. The whole environment is pulling one’s consciousness beyond the appearance of things into what is prior to manifestation, to that light of being which is presence itself.” Adyashanti

SoulBEarth Adyashanti awaken awakening Truth winter tree space stillness

The outer reflects the inner. The inner reflects the outer. They’re actually the same, not separate at all. The rhythm of seasons, the cycles of trees, have so much to show us, if we’re paying attention. We’ve been given everything we need in nature, not only to survive, but to wake up out of the dream.

The winter is an especially potent time for seeing what was once unseen. The slower, quieter, stillness of nature can be reflected in our own lives, if we let it. The ever increasing pace of modern life tells us to reject slowing down, or god forbid, stop all together. It’s seen as weak, lazy, and to be avoided at all costs. But tell me again, why are we more anxious, depressed and over medicated than ever before? Huh, maybe slowing down is really the only option we have left to find the relief we so desperately seek, and to restore the sanity of humanity, if there ever was any. Winter is giving us the perfect invitation to find out.

You can resist the changing of the season and suffer, or accept it, embrace it and let it speak to your true self. Like the trees, which once obscured the view behind them but now transparently reveal a whole new picture through the spaces, allow yourself to become still. Watch the leaves of your illusions, beliefs, concepts, plans and ideas fall to the ground. The space that is left, the true you, will reveal all you need to know.

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