Heaven on Earth

“If we are to find heaven here on earth, we must be willing to open ourselves to the unknown, far beyond where most people will allow themselves to go.” Adyashanti in Resurrecting Jesus

SoulBEarth Adyashanti Truth awaken awakening angel heaven earth one The world of form and the realm of formless are not separate. Earth and heaven – the realm of spirit – may seem different, but that’s just something you’ve been told. Only mind separates that which is actually One.

“The Kingdom of the Father is spread out upon earth, and men do not see it.” Gospel of Thomas 113

Jesus was divinity having a human experience. Just like you. Just like all of us. Divine. Human. Heaven. Earth. These are just words used to label the different appearances of the same One continuous existence of eternal life.

Open your eyes, heart and mind. Become still and see that form need not die to become formless. The body and mind called “you” need not die to enter heaven. It’s all around you now. Open yourself to the unknown and let it take you all the way to the Truth of Existence.

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