Simply What Matters

“Simply let everything flow into, and out of, stillness. Just that, and nothing more. The rest will happen of its own accord. Keep it simple. Silence is its own transmission.” Adyashanti

img_1220I feel a transformation brewing. A theme developing. A major shift. You know those times when everything seems to be pointing in the same direction. Signs appear out of nowhere. Things are aligning to reorient your life. Yeah, that’s happening.

The universe is telling me: Simplify.

So, I’ve been responding with, “Yes, Yes, Yes.” And every time I think it’s enough, I get the response, “No, more than that. Let go even more. Create even more space. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, on every level, from all directions and angles, because it’s really all the same. All connected. All one big empty space for creation to take form.”

Simplify to get down to simply what matters: the Truth of Life.

Life is so full already in every ordinary moment. Then, we jam pack it even more with mindless distraction and futile pursuits, never stopping for a single minute to inquire, “What really matters? What am I orienting my being around?” We’re never encouraged to think about these things. And if you don’t stop to think about it, your conditioning will decide for you. Or the next ad telling you you’re not enough, or an enticing piece of entertainment will command your attention for hours, and you’ll spend this whole precious life doing mostly things that mean nothing. Living in an unconscious dream of oscillating pain and pleasure.

To simplify doesn’t always mean choosing what is most convenient. What’s simple isn’t necessarily what’s easiest. I’ll be writing more about how this is manifesting in my life. For now, I pose the question to us all: what can you simplify right now, in order to focus on simply what matters?

Close your eyes. Breathe deep into silence. Let stillness bring forth the answer.

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