A New Year in Sacred Human Form

“In fact, the more awake we become to our own divinity, the more we feel revitalized by a living presence, by that which reveals that life is sacred. Human life is sacred; all of life is sacred.” Adyashanti in Resurrecting Jesus

SoulBEarth Adyashanti new year awakening Truth awaken snowflake sparkles I’ve always loved the collective energy of a new year. Celebrating what has past, perhaps with relief, and anticipatory hope for the future. It’s magical and transformative. You can very much feel the excited vibrational energy. Of course, not everyone feels this exuberance, and we must be mindful of that as well.

No matter what the hype of the new year brings up for you emotionally, remember from a much wider perspective, the transition to a new year is really just one small blip of infinite absolute reality. Nothing is actually ending or beginning. The calendar we use to keep us all on the same page in the realm of form is like a mesh netting placed on the ocean surface to contain a small portion of its immensity. Or a grid held up to the infinite sky, to capture its beauty and vastness. It’s relatively useful in some ways, but ultimately, pointless.

A fun human celebration nonetheless, the new year can be a great reminder that what we are isn’t just this human body, mind and heart. There is something much bigger and more mysterious going on, to which we have no control over. And we are not just part of it. We are ALL of it. Everything. Infinite and finite. Form and formless. Sacred and nothing. The True Self is the emptiness that contains it ALL. And you are That. Nothing less. Nothing more. Breathe into the stillness that you are, while still engaging in this sacred human existence. It will lead you to the Truth. Happy New Year.

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