This Moment Is It

“If someone were to ask me, ‘Adya, what is it that you’ve found that you’re meant to be, that you’re meant to do, that spirit is really meant to accomplish through you?’ The most I could say is, ‘This moment is it. This moment is it, and in the next moment, that’s it. And in the next moment, that’s it.’” Adyashanti in Falling into Grace

SoulBEarth morning sunrise sky cloud fog pond awakening awaken truth

Today is my BEarth day, the day Divine Being manifested into a human form which my parents named Veronica. In previous years, I would take the day to diligently make lists of future goals and reflect on what I thought was my purpose in life. It was actually quite stressful. The mission of self-improvement was really a subtle form of aggression toward myself, thinking that life as it was in the moment wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t good enough. But not this year. Since studying the teachings of Adyashanti, I’ve realized there is no future to plan for and no past to dwell on, as time doesn’t really exist. Right now is all there is…ever. And since the story of “me” is completely made up, how can an illusion, a dream, be good enough or not enough? It’s absurd. The “I” in the mind literally has no control over anything. The human will is a complete imaginary fabrication.

Instead of pretending this illusory “I” has any control over how life will unfold, now I’m saying a simple and sincere YES to life just as it is right now. Letting go into the flow of ALL life, which is spontaneously arising moment-by-moment. Allowing the Divine energy that creates all form to navigate the flow of life, because the truth is, it is anyway. I need do nothing. There is no destiny, no predetermination, no future. Therefore, no need for worry or fear. What a relief.

Since this moment is the only moment that ever exists, it is my only purpose, and yours: that which is unfolding now. All beliefs, concepts, and ideals about what your life “should” be or where you think you are going, are only an image in the mind. Wouldn’t it feel so much better to stop trying to fill every moment in anticipation of being somewhere else, and arrive fully where you are now? Accepting. Relaxing. There’s nowhere else to go and no one better to be than what is here, right now. Every moment is new and fresh. Sacred and nothing. Here, then gone.

“When you get out of the driver’s seat, you find that life can drive itself, that actually life has always been driving itself. When you get out of the driver’s seat, it can drive itself so much easier – it can flow in ways you never imagined. Life becomes almost magical. The illusion of ‘me’ is no longer in the way. Life begins to flow, and you never know where it will take you.” Adyashanti

The Story of “Me”

“When you realize that the individual me is completely insignificant, this is the fulfillment of the seeking, the realization of no seeker. You realize that it is all a dream of consciousness.” Adyashanti in The Impact of Awakening

SoulBEarth babies awakening When my first child, Collin, was born four years ago, I remember when it came time to decide a name I had this strange, surreal moment. Not just that babies are a miracle and it was one of the best moments of my life…all that cheesy but true stuff. But it felt completely absurd, ridiculous, laughable to put a name, a small label, on this infinitely precious, indescribable, unnameable being. I just couldn’t fathom the universe fitting into a tiny bottle.

When babies arrive in the world of form, they are totally open and free, without any judgement or interpretation. Then we give them a name and a story that they begin to believe as they grow, which becomes their filter throughout life to interpret reality because it’s all they know. You could give them any story and they’d believe it. Same is true for you and me. We could have been born into completely different stories that we use to filter our reality. So, what’s really true if the story of “you” is just that, a story, which can be changed or forgotten at any moment?

I read a fiction book a while back titled, Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale. After a man nearly dies, he develops fugue (which is a real condition) where he can’t remember anything about his life, not even his name. In a cover up attempt, his brother gives him a different name and sets up a life for him in Mexico. It was in reading this book that it hit me again, this life in form we’re living is completely made up. It’s imaginary. Your story was given to you and you believed it. So, what if you didn’t believe it anymore? What if you saw it for what it is, all smoke and mirrors. Who would you be then? What is it that never changes no matter the story? You are That! I am That. We all are That. The same and One.

More Nothing

“There’s nothing to do, nothing to be, and nothing to become. There’s nowhere to go and no experience to have.” Adyashanti in The Impact of Awakening

img_8096Have you ever thought, It’s all just too much? Too many to-dos, too many choices, too many meaningless things we think we need to keep up with. Too much and yet never enough. Believing these thoughts, it’s no wonder we are a society so overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. But what ever really has to be done? Where exactly do we think we’re going?

In the past few weeks, more and more space has naturally been opening in my life with no planning on my part. My kids are finally sleeping more soundly and longer (hallelujah). We cancelled our tv provider, which I never thought my husband would do. And one day on a whim I decided to cut back on about 95% of social media. This all happened quite suddenly, yet not forced and without struggle. Sure, there was some mild anxiety as I turned off the satellite receiver for the last time. And a bit of irritation as I reached for my phone quite a bit during the first few days of less Facebook, but those feelings quickly transformed into relief as I noticed how much I don’t miss any of it.

So, all this space has been created for what? The answer that keeps coming to me is: Nothing. More nothing. Being. Resting in Being. We’ve been conditioned to fill up every moment with doing, going, getting more, more, more. As Adyashanti has said, this self-improvement program we’ve been sold is a reflection of ignorance, the blind leading the blind. It’s all just thoughts and there’s no such thing as a true thought. The truth of our being is wide open empty space. There’s nothing we have to do, nowhere we must go, and no one better to be to realize who we already are…nothing. Realize that and you have everything.