Being True to Truth

“Maybe you are not you after all. Maybe you are this that is awake inside this very moment of experience. Find a willingness to be it, rather than know it.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

SoulBEarth Adyashanti Truth being awaken This question is what has been calling me out lately. Or perhaps my whole life. Awakening is not a destination to arrive at then the journey is over. It’s just the beginning. Awaken to the truth of our being, then live it fully, honestly, with integrity and courage. What does that look like?

I’m finding it hard to relate to others now as I’m not being sucked back into the illusion of problems and worry and complaining. But for the sake of feeling like I need to relate, or comfort, or simply not knowing what else to say, I’ll indulge them. Instead of not saying anything or changing the subject or saying, “That’s really all in your head” – which may be interpreted as insensitive, uncaring or aloof – I sacrifice my commitment to Truth and let the dreaming mind continue its rant.

Part of it is accepting everyone exactly as their are and letting everything be as it is, because life is always unfolding as it will. We have no control. But I don’t have to participate in and encourage the illusions. Not indulging the mind is the most compassionate response. I just need to learn how to do that compassionately. I can’t control how others will interpret it.

“This is your choice – be true to what’s true or not. And this is the Fire of Truth.” Adyashanti

Relax. It’s really all so very simple.

“Don’t get lost in thought or you will miss your life. Just simply relax, and relax, and relax. It’s the simplest act of faith and trust.” Adyashanti in Emptiness Dancing

Years ago, I made this art hanging in my house as simple reminders of Truth. Sometimes I notice them, most of the time I don’t. But they continue to speak to me in different ways when I do notice, at just the right time. This is another one of those times. Relax. It’s really all so very simple when you can see through the illusions of the mind, which are not real, and not who you really are.

So then, who are you? Rest in silence with that, and the Truth will be clear, not with thoughts, but in direct experience.