It’s simpler than this

“The truth of your being is openness. It needs no practice, technique or manipulation to realize. Who you are is free, now! Who you are will not become free or liberated at some point in the future; who you are is liberated, now! Stop all doing and be still. Let the fire of stillness burn everything and reveal That which is openness.” Adyashanti in The Impact of Awakening

SoulBEarth cloud sky awakening I taught kundalini yoga for five years, ending just this past December. Kundalini came along at a time in my life when I was exploring different spiritual practices and it provided a supportive community I’d never experienced before. It very much facilitated the deepening of my spiritual knowledge and improved my physical health. Both of which play out on the level of mind and matter. There were some “spiritual experiences ” sprinkled throughout that time and moments of complete bliss. I was there for self-realization. Everything else was a nice bonus and I thought I was really “getting it” on the path to enlightenment.

If you’ve ever practiced the tradition, you know it’s full of different kriyas (yoga sets) and meditations. There’s a lot of movement, chanting, and some very obscure combinations of postures. I felt at times that it was all just made up by Yogi Bhajan and sold to the West. That could be true but it’s not for me to pick apart and debate. Kundalini yoga has its place in life and I’m grateful for it.

However, even as I was teaching, there was something in me saying, “It’s simpler than this.” I felt that so much of it was completely unnecessary. The parts that resonated the most with me were still, quite meditations. And as I started studying the teachings of Adyashanti, it became abundantly clear that these inclinations were true. What I realized was that anytime you feel there is a need for something, anything, in order to feel your essence, Spirit or Truth, you are fooling yourself. You need nothing to be what you already are…free.

You are Awake

“You are pure consciousness, already free, awake, and liberated. Stand up and walk out of your dream!” Adyashanti in You Are the Buddha

img_8236One day recently, my daughter Lydia, who is two, just woke up from her nap. She’s notoriously cranky after waking up (much like her mom) and she was sitting on my lap on the couch rubbing her eyes and whining, “I want to wake up.” So, I said back to her, “You are awake, sweetie.” It was in that moment, the parallel hit me. I have been, for many years, the two year old whining, even kicking and screaming, “I want to wake up, dammit! End all this nonsense and just wake up out of this dream called life!”

“Oh, but who you truly are is already awake, my dear”, the Universal Energy of All replies gently. “Just quietly open your eyes to see…You already are awake. There is nothing to do and no need for struggle. Be silent and awaken.” Ahhhh. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Here We Are Again

“Step out of the dream of who you think you are. Step out of the dream of everything you have ever known…You can do it. Nothing is holding you back. There are no requirements and no prerequisites to awaken. There is nothing to be done, nothing to think, nowhere to go.” Adyashanti

SoulBEarth clouds blue sky awakenI’ve picked up and put down this blog three times now. Just when I think I’m clear on the direction, something shifts within the message or motivation or intention that just doesn’t seem to fit, that doesn’t quite feel true anymore. So instead of continuing to write what no longer feels true, I put it down to reflect and wait until it becomes clear that it’s time to begin again. This time…well, all I know is right now, in this moment, it feels like the right moment to pick it back up. It may feel different tomorrow. All I know is I’m open to wherever the Flow of life guides me.

I set down the blog last November after just picking it back up in September because of insights from the teachings of spiritual teacher, Adyashanti. If you’ve never heard of him, please check out his teachings at I’ve had his book The End of Your World for years now. But last October, I was led to pick it off my bookshelf and finally begin reading. This led to his other books Falling Into Grace, The Way of Liberation, and now Emptiness Dancing and True Meditation. His teaching is simple, clear, bold and feels deeply true.

After studying his teachings, to say “A Soul is Born to Earth…” which was the spark behind this whole blog didn’t quite feel true anymore. It now feels true to simply say, “Soul is born to Earth…” For we are all of the same soul, spirit, essence, whatever you want to label it. We are all manifestations of One universal being. Awakening to this, not just intellectually but experiencing this oneness is the purpose for us all. So talking about seeking individual purpose and meaning feels quite futile now. 

What has remained constant within the change of message is the motivation to create and express through writing. Something keeps tugging me in that direction. So unless it starts to not feel like the direction life is flowing right now, I’ll continue to write. And if you want to continue to read or not, that’s not of any concern to me. You do what feels like the right direction for you right now. Nothing is personal. Let’s just let go into the Flow that is One true life.