“On the day you were born, you were presented with a creative gift. It is a gift the world needs.” Pam Grout, author of Art & Soul Reloaded

A Soul is Born to Earth…for a very brief blip in time to share the gifts it has been given to uplift and connect all beings. To co-create with The Creator before its passing moment in infinity is over.

IMG_3977My Soul was Born to Earth…to be Veronica Cockerill in this moment and Soul BEarth is one of the gifts that was meant to flow through me now. It’s an idea I’ve held tightly in my heart pocket for a long time, almost squeezing it and thinking it to death. Only recently have I found the courage to release it into the world, to be true to my soul. It doesn’t matter who reads it, I simply must create and express what is within me, asking to come out. Do you have something like that in your heart too? My guess is, you know the feeling.

Along with the roles of writer, artist, yoga teacher and all-things-pumpkin connoisseur, one of the many roles I’m here to fulfill is wife to a really good man, Andy. Another is mother to two sweet, innocent souls, Collin and Lydia. These are possibly the most challenging roles I will ever take on, but also the most soul searching and rewarding. Why else are we here if not for each other?

When I think about that and what matters most in life, the answer that keeps coming back to me over and over is connection – to other humans, to nature, to the whole universe – seeing our connection clearly, cultivating it, and holding it with compassion. This is why I must write – to connect and help create space for others to think about what matters most to them. What is your soul meant to do with this body, mind, life? What is the ache in your heart that must come out? Let that be your daily guide steering all your actions. We are not here for long, so how do we want to live? Let’s connect and live for each other.