Soul_BEarth_Logo_DrawingOnlyThe logo for Soul BEarth is a C and an S connected for the words Create Space. They are connected with a spiral and a loop, representing our True Nature: infinity and emptiness, everything and nothing as one. Without space, nothing would exist, and yet everything is only space.

The SoulBEarth intention is about creating space in our busyness to look deeply into who or what we really are and what matters in life, so we can live our Truth.

This is perhaps a lifetime of reflection and adjustment as life is always in motion, ebbing, flowing, shifting, changing. For this reason the logo also represents fire and water, as it looks like a flame and an ocean wave. These two Earthly elements are the ultimate teachers in change and letting go. They can create and destroy in an instant. Space and matter. Seeming opposites, but really the same.