Soul_BEarth_Logo_DrawingOnly“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” Buddha

The logo for SoulBEarth is a C and an S connected for the words “Create Space”. They are connected with a spiral and a loop, representing infinity and emptiness, everything and nothing as one. Without space, nothing would exist, and yet everything is only space.

The SoulBEarth intention is about creating space in our busyness to look deeply into what matters in life, so we can live more meaningfully. This requires slowing down, being still and listening to the whispers from our guiding intuition answering all our fears, worries, doubts, hopes and dreams. One way we can do this is by seeing what comes up for us when we reflect on how we would finish the sentence, “A Soul is born to Earth…” or more personally, “My Soul was born to Earth…” The first is about our shared purposes as a humanity. The other is about your individual life, which ultimately affects the whole. Is all your busyness really serving these purposes?

Once we’re clear about what’s actually important to us in life right now, it opens ways for us to create space in our lives for those things to happen. Trying to gracefully let go of what’s not important, or as the Buddha said, “…not meant for you”. This is perhaps a lifetime of reflection and adjustment as life is always in motion, ebbing, flowing, shifting, changing. For this reason the logo also represents fire and water, as it looks like a flame and an ocean wave. These two elements are the ultimate teachers in change and letting go. They can create and destroy in an instant. Space and matter. Seeming opposites, but really the same.